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Chuya�?n khoa??n qua ngA?n hA�ng

QuA? khA?ch cA? tha�? chuya�?n tia�?n vA�o tA�i khoa??n sau khi mua hA�ng online:

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Cha�� tA�i khoa??n :A�CA?ng Ty TNHH SA?ch A? ChA?u

A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� Sa�� tA�i khoa??n :A�157829569 NgA?n HA�ng ACB- CN SA�i GA?n

Ghi chA?: Sau khi chuya�?n tia�?n, quA� khA?ch vui lA?ng email hoa?�c ga�?i A?TA� thA?ng bA?o via��c chuya�?n tia�?n vA� sa�� tA�i khoa??n ca��a quA� khA?ch A�a�? tia��n trong via��c kia�?m tra.
(A?ia��n thoa??i cho chA?ng tA?i sa��: 08-39103518 hoa?�c 08-38220838 na??u ba??n ca?�n sa�� ha�� tra�?)


Bank transfer

You can transfer money into this account when buying online:

  • Acount: Asia Book Limited Company
  • Acount number: 157829569 ACB Bank a�� Sai Gon Branch

Note:A�After transfering money, please email or call us to confirm.

If you need help or any information, please feel free to contact.

(Phone number: 848 38220838, email: infor@artbook.com.vn)