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60-Minute Estate Planner

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Author Kraemer

Format Paperback I 304 pages

Dimensions 184 x 25 x 260 mm

Publication 1 Jun. 2006

"No one can take their money, possessions, or land with them when they die -- but they can ensure that their heirs are well taken care of. Updated to reflect the latest estate and tax laws, 60-Minute Estate Planner simplifies the complicated process of estate planning, covering what kind of information readers need to gather before they can begin. Packed with helpful forms, charts, and worksheets, the book shows readers how to:


* communicate with heirs

* manage medical decisions and provide for the special needs of the young and old

* reduce, defer, and eliminate as much gift, estate, inheritance, and other tax as possible

* use estate planning professionals and save on professional fees for planning and administration


The book clarifies all the different possible elements of an estate plan, including IRAs, living trusts, life insurance, annuities, and more. Thoroughly revised and filled with simple-to-follow instructions, this trusted resource allows readers to ensure that their memory lives on by providing for the ones they love."


 60-Minute Estate Planner