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Alice in Wonderland_Lewis Carroll_9781910596418_Design Media Publishing

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Author: Lewis Carroll

Format: Mixed media product | 96 pages

Dimensions: 660 x 1,016 x 60mm 3243g

Publication date: 31 Mar 2017

A book set with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which allows you to enjoy the 3D images, Games, Music and much more surprises behind each page.

Alice is spending a hot summer afternoon on the banks of a stream when suddenly White Rabbit runs past, chattering to himself: 'Oh no, oh no! I'm going to be late!' Surprised and full of curiosity, Alice follows the rabbit to his burrow, where she falls inside... and her magical adventure begins. Magical cakes, golden key, potions and extraordinary creatures await you in a crazy, fun fantasy world. The classic, timeless tale adapted for and enriched by new technologies will entertain both those returning to Wonderland or readers who are exploring it for the first time. Join Alice in her adventures via the Virtual and Augmented Reality App! Help White Rabbit to find his valuable magical object by unlocking exciting minigames and puzzles as the story unfolds...




 Alice in Wonderland_Lewis Carroll_9781910596418_Design Media Publishing