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Amass_Albert Pope_9781946226204_Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers

SKU: 9781946226204 Supplier: Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Limited


Author: Albert Pope

Format: Hardback | 352 pages

Dimensions: 203 x 203 x 220mm | 1,501.39g

Publication date: 10 Aug 2021

Amass makes a case for architectural experiments with massing. By understanding architecture as a collection of interrelationships between multiple masses, plusClover uses pressure, thickness and media - the core subjects of this book - to facilitate differing degrees of coherence. The work of plusClover straddles the territory between mass and weight, complex and generic, high tech and no tech. This book provides a framework for the relationships between these polarities, situating them in the community of ideas among the visual arts, the profession of architecture, and academic spheres. By tabulating selected projects under these three catagories of massing, this book demonstrates new possibilities in massing that move beyond the singular object towards multiplicity of effects. Amass unfolds the process - from bounding box diagrams to construction photos - through which the projects were conceived, explored and detailed.


 Amass_Albert Pope_9781946226204_Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers