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Art of the Andes

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Format: Paperback | 224 pages         

Dimensions: 149 x 210mm | 476g        

Publication date: 23 Oct 1995

This is a study of the art and architecture created by the various cultures of the ancient Andes. The book examines the goldwork, intricate textiles, vast cities and tall pyramids that constitute one of the oldest artistic traditions in history which, although the Incas are famous as the masters of the largest empire in the Renaissance world, remains relatively little-known. A range of Andean art is covered , revealing the achievements of the Chavin, Paracus, Moche, Chimu and Inca cultures. Illustrating and describing many varied examples of sculpture, textiles and other media, the book discusses how the art provides a wider knowledge of the people that created it.


 Art of the Andes