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Bali by Design: 25 Contemporary Houses_ Kim Inglis & Jacob Termansen_9780804850339_Tuttle Publishing

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Author: Kim Inglis, Jacob Termansen

Format:  Hardback | 224 pages

Dimensions: 229 x 241 x 25.4mm | 1,247.38g

Publication date:  30 Jun 2018

Bali has long been a creative inspiration for the world, providing exciting new architectural ideas that are emulated today in homes and hotels everywhere. This book covers all Balinese interior design and residential architecture trends, providing coverage of the latest and best Balinese architecture and interior design work happening today. Featuring 25 stunning contemporary homes, it showcases the ideas of a new generation of talented designers, both Indonesian and international. Each of these extraordinary houses presents innovative new solutions for age-old demands, illustrating how clever Balinese architecture and design can help you achieve a modern sensibility. Many of these houses even propose methods of reducing power consumption, while others represent urban versions of the tropical Bali design style that has its roots in a traditional rural environment. Take inspiration from the selection of artful furnishings in open, airy rooms, the inclusion of natural stone in shady courtyards and swimming pools, and the plethora of handcrafted surfaces, objects and artefacts. Then, learn how Balinese architecture combines modern technology with exotic local materials, like Balinese sandstone, volcanic rock, recycled ulin wood, and more. Boasting over 300 stunning photographs by Danish photographer Jacob Termansen and an insightful text by British author Kim Inglis, this book is a fitting testament to the originality and talent of the Balinese design world. With Bali by Design at your side, discover how you, too, can replicate the tastefulness of Balinese interior design and architecture in your own home.


 Bali by Design: 25 Contemporary Houses_ Kim Inglis & Jacob Termansen_9780804850339_Tuttle Publishing