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SKU: 9780812522907 Supplier: St Martin's Press


Author: Clarence E. Mulford

Format: Paperback | 288 pages

Dimensions: 106.68 x 170.18 x 22.86mm | 136.08g

Publication date: 25 Jul 2005

Hopalong Cassidy is the creation of Clarence E. Mulford. As the subject of fifty-four films, a classic television show, radio program, comic books, and even toys, Cassidy was the true fictional hero of his time, preceding Superman and Luke Skywalker. Cassidy could fan a gun like a Billy the Kid. Six rounds in three seconds was his slowest time. No one in the state of Texas could beat him. That was, until he met Slim Travennes, head of the Sandy Creek Vigilante Committee. Slim was snake-fast. "Death with a little skin wrapped around it," was the way the tinhorn in Waco described him. No man could go up against him and live. Hoppy could stand or die. He had no other choice. None at all.