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Basic Watercolour_Charles Williams_9780719807411_The Crowood Press Ltd

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Author: Charles Williams

Format:  Paperback | 208 pages

Dimensions: 195 x 250 x 15.24mm | 657.71g

Publication date: 01 Nov 2014

A range of artists share their very diverse approaches to painting in watercolor, to give the reader an idea of how adaptable and enjoyable this medium is

Covering the definition of watercolor and practical materials needed, this guide also takes readers through the drawing involved, and the particularities of painting landscape, garden, still life, and portraits. It also discussesd using colored paper and opaque paint, and explores a variety of contemporary artists using watercolor. Watercolor has an anomalous position in the visual arts. The contradictory ideas that it is very difficult to use and that it is a beginner's medium mean that it has long been sidelined in favor of oil and acrylic paints. But while watercolor painting does have particular difficulties, it is transparent and therefore fairly unforgiving, its advantages are huge. It is light and easy to carry the tools around, it is easy to clean and to prepare, it is unobtrusive, and a lot of the material you need you will already have around the house—a jam jar, water and don't forget the most important item: toilet paper. Watercolor is also a great and constantly evolving challenge, and can be used in all sorts of ways. This book is filled with practical information and aristic inspiration for painters.


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 Basic Watercolour_Charles Williams_9780719807411_The Crowood Press Ltd