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Biology: A Human Emphasis

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Author Cecie Starr

Format Paperback I 624 pages

Dimensions 274 x 231 x 21 mm I 1400 g

Publication 5 Jan. 2005

BIOLOGY: A HUMAN EMPHASIS supplies an introductory issues-oriented approach to human biology with enormous instructional power. Starr supports mastery throughout while encouraging the critical thinking students need as citizens, voters, parents, and consumers. This text is a split version of Starr's BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS containing only the human biology topics, and while it has the same index as BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS, it is not renumbered. The "Impacts, Issues" and "How Would You Vote?" features new to this edition make biology come alive. An "Impacts, Issues" case study opens each chapter focusing on a biology-related societal issue. Short films that expand on the issue are on the free Student CD. Each chapter's "How Would You Vote?" asks students to consider biology-related news, apply knowledge, cast a vote on the web and see voting tallies. The access codes that accompany all new copies provide online access to 1) BiologyNow, a learning tool that helps students assess their unique study needs through pretests, post-test and personalized learning plans; 2) InfoTrac, a library of full text articles; 3) vMentor, a live tutoring service and 4) "How Do I Prepare," a feature that allows students to review basic math, chemistry, and other skills that will help them more easily master introductory biology. And now with an MP3 download of this title, you don't have to lose prep time during a long commute—any MP3 player lets you or your students listen and review the text at the gym, in the library, at the office – anywhere! Starr is the most successful author in non-majors biology because of her clear and engaging writing, trend-setting art, and unparalleled student and instructor media.


 Biology: A Human Emphasis