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Black Architecture_Sibylle Kramer_9783037681992_Braun Publishing AG

SKU: 9783037681992 Supplier: Braun Publishing AG


Author: Sibylle Kramer

Format: Hardback | 304 pages

Dimensions: 235 x 235 x 45.72mm | 1,590g

Publication date:  07 Jan 2016

Physically, black is defined as an (almost) complete absorption of all frequencies of light; it describes the impression of color when visual stimuli are missing. In many cultural contexts of the past and present, this "uncolored" color holds a special place: regardless of context, black is always met with great respect. This is also true for the current and intense interaction of architects and designers with this color. Black buildings seem majestic, filled with a special aura, and dominant, but they can also emphasize their surroundings precisely because of their lack of color. The projects presented in this volume show the great variety of approaches by the contemporary building culture to this fascinating physical and cultural phenomenon.


 Black Architecture_Sibylle Kramer_9783037681992_Braun Publishing AG