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Black Bird, Vol. 3

SKU: 9781421527666 Supplier: HarperCollins Publishers


Author:  Kanoko Sakurakoji

Format: Paperback | 200 pages

Dimensions: 127 x 191 x 15mm | 173g

Publication date: 04 Mar 2010

He loves her blood, but does her love her? Misao is starting to trust her heart where Kyo is involved, especially after he gives her one of his primary feathers. It isn't just her first present from him, it's a magic talisman that will keep her safe when he's not nearby. Misao is elated to be able to go to school without the fear of being eaten, just like a normal teenage girl. But as her feelings for Kyo deepen, she starts to realize that as his bride she will have to leave her human life behind, including her family.


 Black Bird, Vol. 3