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Branding Unbound

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Author Rick Mathieson

Format Hardback I 256 pages

Dimensions 159 x 25 x 235 mm I 500g

Publication 19 August 2005

In the age of mobile phones, text messaging, TiVo, video games, and the convergence of high-speed phone, Internet and cable networks, technology is quickly and dramatically reshaping the media landscape, with profound implications for advertisers in virtually every industry.

BRANDING UNBOUND is the first book to explore how today ?? s most innovative marketers are capitalizing on the most measurable, personal and direct link to consumers ever created: wireless.

Written for marketers in every field, BRANDING UNBOUND gives readers an inside look at how:

?? Procter & Gamble, McDonald ?? s, MasterCard and Coca-Cola use the fusion of online, offline and mobile advertising to boost the effectiveness of television, print and radio campaigns as never before

?? MTV, FOX, HBO, Comedy Central and Discovery rely on the mobile platform to build unbreakable relationships in ways that put the traditional Internet to shame

?? ESPN, NBC Universal, eBay, and Major League Baseball make the most of new forms of "m-commerce" ?? the ability to buy and sell content, services and products anywhere, anytime

?? Suzuki, Pepsi, DaimlerChrysler, and Nike extend their branding power to new mobile content, applications and games aimed at the 18- to 35-year old hipsters these advertisers covet most

?? Prada, Wal-Mart, Stop & Shop and Extra use mobile innovation to enhance the actual in-store shopping experience to astonishing effect

BRANDING UNBOUND also explores the top 10 secrets of successful mobile advertising, and the impact of social networking technologies on mBranding strategy

And it includes exclusive, Q & A-style interviews with some of the legends of modern marketing ?? including Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Don Peppers and others ?? on mobility's effect on the brand experience

Make no mistake: In the mobile marketing era, your brand can enjoy whole new levels of customer recognition, while consumers benefit from on-the-spot convenience, and messages and content individually tailored to their needs.

BRANDING UNBOUND is a must-read for anyone interested in how companies of any size can harness the limitless power of this amazing convergence of technology and progressive business strategy to create unprecedented differentiation, convenience and loyalty.


BRANDING UNBOUND is an indispensable guide to the emerging opportunities in wireless marketing. Rick Mathieson has given us a forward-looking perspective that succeeds in being both visionary and grounded in reality."


Ingrid Bernstein

SVP, Director of Creative & Strategy

iDeutsch, NY

"The road map to the right now. Provocative. Up to date, to the last nanosecond."


Steve Simpson

Partner, Creative Director


 Branding Unbound