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Built on Water_Lisa Baker_9783037681787_Braun Publishing AG

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Author: Lisa Baker

Format: Hardback | 272 pages

Dimensions: 235 x 280 x 30.48mm | 1,810g

Publication date: 07 Nov 2014

Architecture on the water has changed from a fringe niche market into an increasingly popular sector. Catalyst is the risk of rising water levels accompanied by storms and floods as part of the climate change and the unforeseen effects of urbanization. Expanding the habitable areas to beyond the waterfront is an efficient and exciting way to bring extra flexibility to the planet's inhabited spaces. Floating constructions enlarge the built environment while making it more livable and sustainable. Apart from the long tradition of floating residential architecture, buildings of all types are being erected on water today. The selection of projects in this volume provides an insightful overview of the multitude of concepts in this new field of design.


 Built on Water_Lisa Baker_9783037681787_Braun Publishing AG