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Cd-Art : Innovation in CD Packaging Design_ ROTOVISION _9782888930136_Author Charlotte Rivers

SKU: 9782888930136 Nhà sản xuất: ROTOVISION

Mô tả

Author:  Charlotte Rivers

Format :Paperback | 176 pages

Dimensions: 166 x 188 x 16.26mm | 403.7g

Publication date :28 Feb 2008

Now in Paperback!The best-selling CD-Art captures the finest CD cover and packaging design from around the world, and provides an international showcase of innovative work. This timely updated version of the original hardcover book looks at developments in the music industry today, and includes new work produced for the growing download and interactive market.The book looks at the ways in which designers excite the senses of sight and touch to create a fuller experience of a product more commonly associated with sound. Through a wealth of case studies, it shows how designers exploit the two- and three-dimensional qualities of CD packaging to create unique, collectable items. It explores not only the traditional elements of design-image, illustration, typography, and packaging-but also innovative materials. Case studies look at how artwork is selected, created, and applied to CD packages; how designers make the most of the standard dimensions for CD packages; and at the use of special formats, unusual materials, slipcases, etc.

 Cd-Art : Innovation in CD Packaging Design_ ROTOVISION _9782888930136_Author  Charlotte Rivers