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Changing and Unchanging II



Author: Tang Art Design & Information Group Limited

Format Hardback

Dimensions: 242 x 324mm

Publication date: 01 Oct 2012

As for present real estate development and building design, ever changing competitive market and market demands bring in not only opportunities and motive power but also challenges and pressure. About two seemingly opposed sides, changing and unchanging, this book is looking for a solution faced with the shock: market and policy have eternal changes but we should insist unchanging spirit of changing with requirements from beginning to end to respond. For this reason, this book has collected 39 excellent residential and commercial bid-winning projects. Based on the analysis of the market, it obtains five core competitive points which are the most advantageous and gives a full interpretation. They are in the following: The Innovation of Planning, Architectural Appearance and House Types, The Integration of Local Culture, Refined Design of High-end Buildings, Ecological Energy-saving Technology and Material, Human-oriented Design. This book employs the freshest projects and the most comprehensive high definition design drawings to showcase the most unique design concept and the most innovative design proposal. It will help you perceive market trends in time and create the most stylish and characteristic high-end buildings.


 Changing and Unchanging II