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China's Diplomacy



Author: Zhang Qingmin

Format: Paperback | 170 pages         

Dimensions: 160 x 15.24 x 106.68 mm     

Publication date: 30 Sep 2010

China’s diplomacy over the past 60 years can be divided into two periods with 1978 as the watershed. In the first 30 years (1949–1978), the focus of China’s diplomatic tasks was to oppose the threat from big powers, consolidate national independence, and safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, since its opening up and reform in 1978, China has re-oriented its diplomacy to create an external environment conducive to its domestic economic development in the midst of the changing international situation. This book reviews the history of China’s diplomacy since 1949 and sums up its characteristics shown in different periods, and argues that China cannot develop without the world and the world cannot become prosperous without China. The book also elaborates on China’s independent foreign policy of peace that aims at world peace and common development.

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Offers basic, important, and updated information about China’s diplomacy
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1. Building a Harmonious World of Peace and Prosperity.
2. Adhering to Independence and Safeguarding Sovereignty and Security.
3. Participating in Multilateral Diplomacy and Playing a Constructive Role.
4. Following the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and Developing Omnidirectional Diplomacy.
5. Adapting to Globalization and Promoting Comprehensive Diplomacy.


 China's Diplomacy