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Christopher Dresser: Design Pioneer_Max Donnelly_9780500480700_Thames & Hudson

SKU: 9780500480700 Supplier: Thames & Hudson


Author: Max Donnelly

Format: Hardback | 144 pages

Dimensions: 170 x 190 x 17.78mm | 420g

Publication date: 17 Jun 2021

Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) is one of the most influential British designers of all time and he is widely regarded as Britain's first independent industrial designer. His works still look remarkably modern more than a century later. Like his contemporary William Morris, Dresser advocated for an 'honesty of materials', but unlike Morris he fully embraced industrial techniques, designing for the growing consumer market. Dresser's fascination with the arts of Japan and his advocacy of Owen Jones's principle that ornament should be geometrical in form resulted in a range of designs that look surprisingly minimal for their time. Affordable, well-designed, functional and commercially successful, the objects that Dresser designed - wallpapers, textiles, carpets, ceramics, furniture and, most famously, metalwork - were industrially produced by manufacturers across the UK, the US and continental Europe.

This compact, beautifully produced book on the work of Christopher Dresser begins with a brief introduction to his life and work before presenting 75 of his most important pieces, each accompanied by a narrative-style caption. It will appeal to anyone interested in modern design.

With 117 illustrations in colour


 Christopher Dresser: Design Pioneer_Max Donnelly_9780500480700_Thames & Hudson