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Collecting Stories: 400 Paintings. 400 Stories._Tom Davies_9780975978313_Laynfaroh

SKU: 9780975978313 Supplier: Laynfaroh


Author: Tom Davies

Format: Hardback | 360 pages

Dimensions: 241 x 304 x 29.97mm | 2,254.35g

Publication date: 01 Jan 2008

Challenged by his son Kristian Davies, the award winning author of Laynfaroh's first book, The Orientalists , to write the story of a forty-year passion for collecting American paintings, Tom Davies quickly found himself not only recalling events surrounding their acquisition but also recounting how the 'art gene' was passed from his father to him and onto his two sons. This Collecting Stories is unlike any other book focusing on a family's lifelong pursuit of its passion. It is written entirely by the collector, not simply a hired art historian. It communicates, at a personal level, the great joy and pleasure derived from the people (artists, dealers, museum personnel, and other collectors) encountered along the way, the lessons learned (both good and bad), and the satisfaction gained from increased knowledge and insight. As the title states, there are 400 pieces of artwork, reflecting the ever-expanding interests of Mr. and Mrs. Davies, collected over forty years, ranging from 19th-century Hu


 Collecting Stories: 400 Paintings. 400 Stories._Tom Davies_9780975978313_Laynfaroh