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Contemporary Topics 2

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Author Ellen Kisslinger

Format Paperback I 144 pages

Dimensions 206 x 10 x 272 mm

Publication 6 Jan. 2009

Why is architect Frank Gehry's work notable? What principles should journalists be following today? What are the keys to owning a successful restaurant? 

You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in Contemporary Topics 2, by Ellen Kisslinger (Series Editor: Michael Rost), which features college lectures from several academic disciplines, including architecture, media studies, and culinary arts.  Contemporary Topics 2  prepares students for the challenge of college lectures with practice in a wide range of listening, speaking and note-taking skills and strategies.  

 Course Features

  • Corpus-based vocabulary drawn from the Academic Word List

  • Practical listening and note-taking strategies
  • Note-review practice that allows students to analyze their note-taking skills and consolidate their understanding of the lecture
  • Academic research and speaking tasks: presentation, discussions, and role plays
  • A Teacher’s Pack for busy instructors with:
    • Suggested bonus activities
    • Teaching notes
    • Answer keys
    • Audioscripts
    • Simulated TOFEL®  Listening Test for each unit


 Contemporary Topics 2