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Corporations and the Public Interest

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Format: Hardback | 192 pages         

Dimensions:  63 x 95 x 8mm | 417.3g       

Publication date: 28 Feb 2005

In this era of rampant corporate greed, abuse of power, and dwindling governmental regulations of corporate practices, Steven Lydenberg shows how government can use the marketplace itself to make corporations act more responsibly. Detailing a comprehensive plan for disclosure, analysis, and debate by corporations, investors, consumers, and government, Lydenberg argues that we can focus corporations on creating real long-term wealth for all instead of plundering natural resources, dumping costs on society, and diverting assets to exorbitant executive payouts and other ethically questionable uses. Most importantly, he describes practical ways of rewarding those companies that succeed in creating long-term wealth for society, and punishing those that fail.


 Corporations and the Public Interest