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Creative Techniques for Color Photog._Bobbi Lane_9781584281047_AMHERST MEDIA

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Author:  Bobbi Lane

Format: Paperback | 128 pages

Dimensions: 217 x 279 x 8.89mm | 515g

Publication date: 01 Feb 2004

Photographers learn to maximize color skills to create images that match their own unique visions with this practical and comprehensive guide to creative color photography. The science behind color-what it is, how we see it, and how it changes-is explored in depth. Presented are the scientific principles behind light; the technical aspects of film and processing; and information about how weather affects results, how to use filters and photographic gels to maximize color saturations, and how to correct unwanted color casts. An artistic study of color is also included, with commentary on the properties of color and shade, the psychological effects of color, the tenets of color harmony, and the uses of advancing and receding colors. Also discussed are alternative processes such as using daylight film in tungsten lighting (and vice versa), using extreme close-up to capture details, and using color infrared film to capture invisible light.


 Creative Techniques for Color Photog._Bobbi Lane_9781584281047_AMHERST MEDIA