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Culinarytherapy : The Girl's Guide to Food for Every Mood

SKU: 9780789309815 Supplier: UNIVERSE PUBLISHING


Author:  Beverly West

Format: Paperback | 256 pages

Dimensions: 184.4 x 227.6 x 15mm | 489.89g

Publication date: 01 Oct 2003

From the author of the cult sensation Cinematherapy (over 270,000 copies of the series in print) comes a cookbook for women celebrating the therapeutic power of food.

Every woman knows that food is more than than just fuel-it's self-medication that, when administered properly, with just the right amount of fat, salt, sugar, and chocolate, can cure everything from a bad break up to a full-fledged identity crisis. Whether a gal is feeling starved for attention and ready to bask in her own limelight (Diva Dishes), or looking to add a little kick to her romance (Nude Food), Culinarytherapy features recipes to feed her every need.

- Fed up and ready to blow your lid? Let off some of that steam with a Recipe for Revenge like Fried Men and deep-fat-fry that pent up angst in effigy.
- Feeling a pang in the pit of your emotional center? Fill the void with a comfort food recipe like Change Your World Chocolate Chip Cookies and soothe that emotional tummy ache.
- Thirsty for meaning? Transcend with some Food for the Soul like Tranquility Chicken and nourish your body and spirit.

Other recipes include Self-esteem Salad, Be Your Own Best Friend Fries, Dump Cake, and Healthy Boundary Burritos, as well as fun sidebars like Food Facials, Cinematherapy movie-viewing suggestions for every chapter, Beige Food for When You're Feeling Khaki,
and more!


 Culinarytherapy : The Girl's Guide to Food for Every Mood