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Data Strategy

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Author: Sid Adelman, Majid Abai, Larissa Terpeluk Moss

Format: Paperback | 384 pages

Dimensions: 178 x 233 x 20mm | 550g

Publication date: 20 Jun 2005

Without a data strategy, the people within an organization have no guidelines

for making decisions that are absolutely crucial to the success of the IT

organization and to the entire organization. The absence of a strategy gives a

blank check to those who want to pursue their own agendas, including those

who want to try new database management systems, new technologies (often

unproven), and new tools. This type of environment provides no hope for


Data Strategy should result in the development of systems with less risk, higher

quality systems, and reusability of assets. This is key to keeping cost and

maintenance down, thus running lean and mean. Data Strategy provides a CIO

with a rationale to counter arguments for immature technology and data

strategies that are inconsistent with existing strategies. This book uses case

studies and best practices to give the reader the tools they need to create the

best strategy for the organization.


 Data Strategy