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Doors_Bob Wilcox_9781770856479_FIREFLY BOOKS LTD

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Author: Bob Wilcox

Format:  Paperback | 272 pages

Dimensions: 203 x 235 x 20.32mm | 929.86g

Publication date:  01 Oct 2015

For anyone interested in architecture, history, travel or world cultures, doors have a special fascination. In addition to welcoming guests and keeping out intruders, a door creates the first impression of a building and provides a sense of welcome, security and peace. This fascinating book contains more than 500 photographs of doors from around the world. There are doors made of wood, metal and glass, doors old and new and doors polished and weathered. Some were made to impress and to show off the majesty and importance of the building they serve and some were hastily constructed with whatever materials were at hand. These doors come from and evoke many cultures and traditions. This wide-ranging and delightful collection provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for anyone interested in architecture, construction, design or decorative arts.


 Doors_Bob Wilcox_9781770856479_FIREFLY BOOKS LTD