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DragonArt Ultimate Gallery_ Dragon' 'Neon Jessica Peffer_9781440316845_F&W Publications Inc

SKU: 9781440316845 Supplier: F&W Publications Inc


Author: Dragon' 'Neon Jessica Peffer

Format:  Hardback | 144 pages

Dimensions: 210 x 276 x 17.78mm | 997.9g

Publication date:  28 Sep 2012

From scales to tails, your favorite fantasy creatures in one awesome book! No on captures creatures quite like NeonDragon. Even the fastest fantasy creatures can't escape her watchful eye, and before long, she's caught them in full form-glorious, unique and alive with colorful detail! This book is packed with endless inspiration for fantasy lovers and myth mavens of all ages. From dragons and dryads to gryphons and mermaids, this book gives you all of NeonDragon's best beasts (or beauties, depending on your point of view). Take a peek and see for yourself. Inside you'll find more than 70 fierce and fiery creatures you can study up-close, in their natural habitats. NeonDragon also shares her best tips, techniques and insights so you can borrow from her creative process to make your own fantastic creatures. She even shows you initial sketches and details shots along with information on the tools she uses. DragonArt(TM) Ultimate Gallery. It's like a petting zoo for fantastic beasts and mythological creatures (except without the smell, the fire and the danger of being eaten by a dragon). Let this book take you to new realms of imaginative possibility.


 DragonArt Ultimate Gallery_ Dragon' 'Neon Jessica Peffer_9781440316845_F&W Publications Inc