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Engine Emissions: Pollutant Formation, Adva

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Author: B P Pundir

Format: Hardback | 314 pages

Dimensions: 185 x 240 x 19.05mm | 843.68g

Publication date: 01 Apr 2008

"Engine Emissions: Pollutant Formation and Advances in Control Technology" provides an up to date reference to academics and professionals on emissions from SI and CI engine powered vehicles. In this text, mechanism of formation of engine emissions, effect of engine design and operation variables, worldwide vehicle emission standards and, emission measurement and test procedures are presented. Advances in emission control technology that have taken place from those used initially and up to the ones employed on the present day vehicles meeting the stringent emission regulations e.g., Euro 4, ULEV, SULEV standards are discussed. Newer developments on exhaust after treatment such as HC adsorber systems, NOx traps and other de-NOx catalysts, and advanced engines like GDI and HCCI engines are covered in the book. A chapter on engine fuels including the alternative fuels discusses the role of fuel characteristics and trends in fuel quality for emission control.


 Engine Emissions: Pollutant Formation, Adva