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Environment & Landcape 5

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The theme of environment and landscape design is based on the relationship between architecture and the outside environment, which involves the rich elements of technology, culture and aesthetics. "Environment & Landscape" This set of books is a series of works published by Korea Building World Co., Ltd. We hope to discuss today's and future environmental and landscape design trends by discussing the latest case and discussion trends in today's environment and landscape design. The contents of each phase will be selected today's architectural design and environmental dialogue, the latest design, this series has also published five, this is the latest one, mainly in South Korea's new architectural design and public space building, These works include apartment houses, office buildings and other design, of course, some have not yet completed but worthy of attention to the design case is also related to the list. "Environment & Landscape" can be said to provide today's environmental architecture design of the latest relevant cases, engaged in construction and environmental planning work of the relevant personnel, has a high reference va


 Environment & Landcape 5