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Eucational facilities planning

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This book includes a thorough conceptual framework, with descriptions and “how to” applications of educational planning, architectural design, and research. Serving as both a reference and textbook, each of the 18 chapters includes exercises to expand traditional and computer-assisted facilities planning and design activities. The book is amenable to web-assisted instruction and there are numerous citations from the Internet.

Each chapter provides a special “reality-based” contribution to the educational facilities planning and design process. Ideas are conveyed through comprehensive descriptions, illustrations, summaries, and extended activities developed to increase understanding and emphasize the relevance of school planning and design in a regulated, political climate. The reader is guided to visualize a broader context for educational planning and design, where design principles are categorized according to building organization, primary education, shared school and community resources, character of all spaces, and site design and outdoor spaces.


 Eucational facilities planning