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Everything I Know About Sales Success

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Author Gerhard Gschwandtner

Format Hardback | 256 pages

Dimensions 155 x 231 x 20mm | 496g

Publication 16 Jun 2006

Stay on top of the sales game with strategies from the world's biggest leaders

The art and science of selling has never been more complex, demanding, or potentially lucrative. As a sales professional, you know that staying ahead of the game means continually educating yourself-both in the successful techniques that have stood the test of time and about the freshest new ideas on everything-from generating leads to creating trust, from branding your business to closing the deal.

That's why Everything I Know About Sales Success is so helpful. It's full of powerful insights and strategies from the nation's top-selling individuals and companies on everything from providing customer service to branding. You'll discover:

How top CEOs like Citigroup's Sandy Weill and Merrill Lynch's David Komansky rose to the top-and how they sell from behind the big deskEight ways to become more Trump-like in your sales careerSales and marketing concepts that led Michael Dell and his company to the undisputed leadership position in the PC industryArnold Schwarzenegger's lessons for flexing your selling musclesNine management tips from Intel's Andy Grove
Whether you're starting at the bottom or have the top office in view, the collective experiences and strategies that propelled these driven people up the corporate ladder can serve as an invaluable guide, helping you to win the hearts and minds of your own customers, break new ground, and eventually set the path for others to follow.


 Everything I Know About Sales Success