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Exhibition Guide_Yutaka Maeda_9789881412393_Design Media Publishing

SKU: 9789881412393 Nhà sản xuất: Design Media Publishing Limited Hết hàng

Mô tả

Author: Yutaka Maeda

Format:  Hardback | 240 pages

Dimensions: 225 x 290 x 30.48mm | 1,723.65g

Publication date:   31 Jul 2015

Focusing on each case's originality, innovation, utility, and perspectiveness, Exhibition Guide not only provides readers timely and comprehensive sign design information, but also lays emphasis on the selected cases' quality, ensuring each case to present its uniqueness. This book covers signage design in exhibition and display spaces, including industrial exhibitions, public-benefit exhibitions, science exhibitions, commercial exhibitions, cultural exhibitions and art exhibitions. The projects presented show readers the significance of signage design in exhibition spaces. A DVD of HD images is also provided for better reading experience.

 Exhibition Guide_Yutaka Maeda_9789881412393_Design Media Publishing