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Exploring Digital Cinematography

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Format: Paperback | 288 pages         

Dimensions: 202.95 x 255.52 x 15.24mm | 839.15g        

Publication date: 12 Oct 2007

Successful animators- the ones who land the exciting jobs and who win the industry awards- must be more than simply a talented artist, a great filmmaker, or a skilled technologist. They need to be all three! For the first time, aspiring animators and those in the field looking to move up have a resource to help them develop this entire skill set with Exploring Digital Cinematography. Award-winning animator Jason Donati examines such key concepts as CG directing, lighting, and texturing from the three different perspectives of art, film, and technology. Beginning with a solid foundation of art and filmmaking knowledge, this groundbreaking book then translates key production techniques- including depth of field, camera blocking, and three-point lighting- into the 3D world. This unique approach bridges the gap between traditional live-action cinematography and cutting-edge 3D animation, giving readers all the skills they need to realize their full 3D animation potential.
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 Exploring Digital Cinematography