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Fashion and Lifestyle Photography_Dixie Dixon_9781781574225_ Octopus Publishing Group

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Author: Dixie Dixon 

Format:  Paperback | 192 pages

Dimensions: 236 x 256 x 16mm | 810g

Publication date:  07 Nov 2017

Succeed in the commercial world and become a stand-out fashion & lifestyle photographer.

"If you are interested in pursuing fashion and lifestyle photography, this book, from this rising young star of the field, is a must." - Joe McNally

Only a few years ago, fashion photography used to be a stuffy world for a tiny elite. Now an explosion in social media and lifestyle advertising has created opportunities for a whole new breed of professional photographer.

Fashion and Lifestyle Photography is based on the talks Dixie Dixon, a Nikon Brand Ambassador, has given to crowds at major international trade shows. Expanding on the subject in the book, she reveals how to succeed in this exciting marketplace, covering key topics such as:

* Professional case studies
* Behind the scenes
* Lighting diagrams & gear
* How to build your career

From finding your vision, to building your dream team, this book will provide you with the essential gear and know-how to capture the looks of the media world that leap off the page or screen.

"Dixie Dixon is a truly wonderful, vibrant young talent in the field of fashion and lifestyle photography. In this book, she takes you on a lively, complete tour of not only how to make compelling, beautiful photographs, but also how to grow a business, develop a signature look, make your own breaks, gather clients and keep them, use social media well, and assemble a great support team. And that's the short list. This book is full of gems about the seemingly small details that are essential to success." - Joe McNally


 Fashion and Lifestyle Photography_Dixie Dixon_9781781574225_ Octopus Publishing Group