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Fashion Exposed_ Page One Publishing_9789814394918

SKU: 9789814394918 Supplier: Page One Publishing


Format: Hardback

Dimensions: 210 x 280mm

Publication date: 01 Dec 2013

Fashion is the embodiment of good taste and individuality. For the time being, fashion industry is so prosperous that there are countless fashion brands dazzling people's eyes. In addition to high production quality, a fashion brand also needs to make use eye-catching graphics to promote it and to provide visual support that lets it stand out among a fiercely competitive crowd. The right fashion graphics and advertising campaign are unquestionably a key ingredient in helping a fashion brand achieve success. "Fashion Exposed" covers the whole spectrum of fashion graphics, from advertising campaigns and fashion photography to promotional graphics such as fashion catalogues, fashion-show invitation cards, and label and tag designs. In celebrating the successful experiences of fashion brand, "Fashion Exposed" explores the diversity of their uniqueness and personality. Colour photographs



 Fashion Exposed_ Page One Publishing_9789814394918