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Author:  Silvena Rowe

Format: Hardback | 192 pages

Dimensions: 210 x 260 x 22mm | 900g

Publication date: 12 Oct 2006

The fresh ingredients and unfamiliar flavour combinations of Eastern Europe are really capturing the imaginations of shops and restaurants in the West, as borders open up and Europe is extended. Alongside delicious recipes from Bulgarian cook and food writer Silvena Rowe, "Feasts" features stunning location photography of the grand cafes and hotels, street markets, home kitchens, farms and patisseries of countries from Georgia to Hungary to Poland. In this stunning book, you'll find delicious dishes that are really attracting attention in the West. Stews such as goulash, light and delicate chilled summer soups, game fresh from the forest, fruit sauces for meat and smoked meat and fish dishes are just some of the types of dishes to be found in this book. Flavours such as horseradish, dill, caraway, and paprika, ingredients such as game, smoked fish and vodka, earthy vegetables such as beetroots, pumpkins and cabbages, and exotic fruits such as pomegranates, figs, quinces and plums - these are kind of ingredients that lie at the heart of this delightful book.