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How to Photograph Absolutely Everything_Tom Ang_9781465480255_DORLING KINDERSLEY

SKU: 9781465480255 Supplier: DORLING KINDERSLEY


Author: Tom Ang

Format:  Hardback | 384 pages

Dimensions: 228 x 268 x 30mm | 1,688g

Publication date:  16 Apr 2019

Learn from Tom Ang how to capture fleeting memories forever - including beautiful scenes, celebrations and your baby's smile - in exquisite digital photographs. Award-winning professional photographer Tom Ang shows how to choose the best camera and learn how to adjust its settings to control exposure, zoom and brightness. He explains how to light and frame your subject and cope with issues such as poor light conditions or a moving subject. Checklists for each shot tell you what camera mode and lens setting to use, with insider know-how, such as using the flash in bright light to reduce shadows. Photography can lead you to unexpected beauty in places such as a city street, a fruitmonger's stall, or reflections in water. Tom Ang guides your eye, showing you how to take stunning images. He describes how to take characterful portraits, dramatic silhouettes, and intriguing close-ups. Plus he gives valuable tips on taking for selling items online or documenting a project. Illustrated throughout with Tom Ang's own inspirational images, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything is your one-stop guide to enjoying photography and creating unforgettable images.


 How to Photograph Absolutely Everything_Tom Ang_9781465480255_DORLING KINDERSLEY