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I Work @ Home. Home Offices For A New Era

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Author: Bridget Vranckx 

Format : Hardcover | 280 pages

Dimensions: 9.84 x 0.91 x 11.42 inches

Publication date: May 16, 2023


With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many. While some people already had an existing space to work from, many had to carve out a new area for themselves to spend their working hours. With considerations of necessary furniture and infrastructure, noise reduction and separation from the comings and goings of other home dwellers, the challenge is not to be minimized, especially if working with a small footprint.

Architects and interior designers the world over have jumped on the bandwagon of home office design, creating original and productive work spaces within people’s homes. I Work @ Home showcases design solutions from 30 international architects and interior designers and highlights the endless possibilities of this new home design trend which is likely here to stay.


 I Work @ Home. Home Offices For A New Era