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Japanese Residence_Studio LOOP_9781864708080_Images Publishing



Author: Studio LOOP

Format:  Paperback | 248 pages

Dimensions: 170 x 240 x 17.78mm | 703.07g

Publication date:  01 Mar 2019

Japanese residential buildings are known for their beautiful and cutting-edge designs, green building materials, and rugged construction quality. Japanese people boldly accept innovative design, and the academic community has greatly encouraged the innovation of residences. This has provided excellent conditions for a large number of Japanese architects to experiment with new approaches, and has led to Japanese housing design being a model for other countries. This book brings together more than 60 distinctive Japanese residential and interior designs. These projects illustrate designers who pay great attention to people's daily lives. The houses in this book offer an exciting look at where Japanese housing design is going. AUTHOR: studio LOOP, established in 2007, consists of a team of five members, three architects, one working with management, and one with marketing. They work primarily on architectural design as well as product and interior design. LOOP doesn't just mean circle; it stands for a relationship among family, friends, nature, ecology, society, culture, and the world. Their central concept is to establish a new way of architectural thinking to solve problems through different perspectives. Their awards include Gunma Child Consultation Center Competition Finalist in 2009 and Wan House of the Year 2011 Longlist. SELLING POINTS: Due to unique and cutting-edge design, Japanese-style houses have been favoured in various countries The houses in this book all come with elegant pictures The contents of the book provide practical value to professionals yet is still accessible to a general audience 400 colour, 180 b/w images


 Japanese Residence_Studio LOOP_9781864708080_Images Publishing