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Japanese Style at Home_Olivia Bays_9780500294994_Thames & Hudson

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Japanese interiors focus primarily on one simple philosophy, Zen. All the rooms in a traditionally furnished Japanese home strive to achieve a balance of peace and simplicity; their interiors are steeped in centuries of cultural influence, and a sense of calm is key to the whole aesthetic.

This handbook shows how to create a tailor-made Japanese home. Working through the house one room at a time, it highlights classic items of furniture and signature accessories, from tatami mats and paper lanterns to shoji (dividing screens). In-depth case studies demonstrate the essential elements and provide inspiration, while colour combinations are explored to help personalize this iconic style for the home.

Anyone who hankers after the Japanese look and is eager to bring it to their own home will find this book a valuable resource.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Japanese Style • The Traditional Home • The Philosophies behind
the Style • The Leaders and Icons You Need to Know • Achieving the Look • Welcome
to the Japanese home • The Japanese Materials Palette • The Colour Palette • Japanese
Design Elements • Incorporating Traditional Elements into the Contemporary Home
Plants: embracing nature inside and out • Room by Room Guide • Entering • Relaxing
Cooking • Dining • Cleansing • Resting

 Japanese Style at Home_Olivia Bays_9780500294994_Thames & Hudson