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Lark Studio Series: Tables

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Author: Lark Books

Format: Hardback I 204 pages

Dimensions: 132 x 20 x 132mm I 272.16 g

Publication: 4 October 2011

Presenting about about 100 works drawn from the popular book 500 Tables, this stylish, pocket-sized book presents amazing tables in a wide array of materials, styles, and forms: from pieces that showcase masterful woodwork to tables made with alternative materials that display edgy aesthetic sensibilities.

The selected tables offer breathtaking craftsmanship, striking beauty, and constant surprise. Represented makers include Arnt Arntzen, Boris Bally, Chris Bowman, Jennifer Costa, Kerry O. Furlani, Kino Guérin, Jan Huling, Chris Martin, Craig Nutt, Todd Ouwehand, Gord Peteran, Sylvie Rosenthal, Paulus Wanrooij, Stephen Whittlesey, John Wiggers, and many more!


 Lark Studio Series: Tables