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Author Sarah CanigliaCindy Griffith 

Format Hardback I 192 pages

Dimensions 142 x 20 x 216 mm

Publication 16 Nov 2007

In the beginning,

a hardworking group of Cistercian monks ran out of ink for their office equipment. When they saw the high price of replacement cartridges, they decided to launch their own company, selling ink and toner cartridges online at competitive prices. Soon, they caught the attention of two marketing and management consultants who-inspired by the monks' dedication to charitable work-formed MonkHelper Marketing, Inc. to help promote and ultimately run the business.

This is the gospel according to LASERMONKS

Based upon the centuries-old principles of St. Benedict, LaserMonks' unique approach to business has set a new standard for socially conscious companies. Their unusual and fascinating story is a true testament to the concept of “good work.” By combining simple customer courtesy, savvy marketing techniques, and strong community service, you'll learn how to stand out from the competition-and reap the rewards. You don't have to be a saint-or a monk-to benefit from these five building blocks to success. LaserMonks will show you how to:

1. Create a market space by reshaping the reasons why consumers purchase.

2. Provide excellent customer care by following the Rule of St. Benedict (courtesy and hospitality for all).

3. Find and capitalize on your unique strengths. (LaserMonks set themselves apart by making charity-giving an integral part of their business.)

4. Streamline operations.

5. Manage your success by balancing profits and giving, keeping cutomers happy and staying true to your mission.

Filled with step-by-step advice, insider strategies, and uplifting spiritual guidance, this is so much more than a business book. It is a complete way of life-for you, your company, and your community. A way to overcome the challenges of a crowded marketplace and build strong relationships with your customers. A way to serve everybody's needs…personally, professionally, and profitably.

For your business, it's a revelation. For your soul, a blessing.