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Leonardo Da Vinci; Paintings_Alessandro Vezzosi_9783791384979_Prestel

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Author: Alessandro Vezzosi

Format: Hardback | 288 pages

Dimensions: 245 x 340 x 33.02mm | 2,449.4g

Publication date: 30 Apr 2019

Shedding new light on the renowned Renaissance artist, this book examines all of da Vinci's known paintings using recent advances in technology and the latest art historical research. While Leonardo da Vinci is one of history's most studied and renowned artists, there are many myths surrounding his work. Beginning with his birth and early maturity in the workshops of the Florentine masters, Alessandro Vezzosi delves into the provenance of disputed works such as Madonna Litta and La Bella Principessa. He demonstrates how recent advances in technology have aided researchers in studying and restoring da Vinci's art--including uncovering forgeries--and he explores the artist's scientific achievements in the fields of optics and paint composition. An exquisitely produced plate section looks at the most significant aspects of da Vinci's work, and offers numerous comparative examples in the form of archival documents, preparatory studies, and contemporary paintings. A fitting tribute to da Vinci, this wide ranging book applies 21st-century knowledge to help answer centuries-old questions about the Renaissance genius.


 Leonardo Da Vinci; Paintings_Alessandro Vezzosi_9783791384979_Prestel