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Logo Design: Global Brands - 9783836576758 - Taschen

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Mô tả

AuthorJulius Wiedemann 

Format: Hardback | 608 pages

Dimensions: 14 x 19.5 cm, 1.18 kg

ISBN-13: 9783836576758

Following up on the best-selling Bibliotheca Universalis logo manual, this second volume focuses on corporate identity. In a globalized world, more and more symbols convey values ​​such as trust, quality, or reliability. This catalog comprehensively breaks down how texts, images, and ideas are condensed into distinctive brands.

From airlines and groceries, sportswear and computers, museums, and magazines, to car brands, music labels, pharmaceuticals, and internet portals, this band offers around 4,500 brand logos including complete background information about designers, year of origin, and country, as well as brands and companies. A great reference book for anyone interested in the ideas and concepts that branding is based on.

 Logo Design: Global Brands - 9783836576758 - Taschen