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Lx Architecture

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Author:   Uif Meyer Alain Linster

Format: Hardback | 368 pages

Dimensions: 252 x 296 x 34mm | 2,340.52g

Publication date: 01 Dec 2008

LX is booming. No other city in the world has experienced such an upswing in culture and architecture during the past two generations as the Luxembourg. With the constitution of the European Union, Luxembourg grew from the capital of a miniature state, marked by the decline of the steel industry, to the Washington of an newly-invented world power. As far as city planning and architecture were concerned, Luxembourgs architectural blueprint always lagged behind its political vision. However, following the expansion of the EU, there soon emerged major, prestigious cultural projects such as the MUDAM, the Philharmonic and the National Library. Now, no other country of this size can offer such a density of internationally renowned architects as the city. This book provides a fascinating overview of the key milestones in Luxembourgs architectural landscape.


 Lx Architecture