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Mastering Digital Exposure and HDR Imaging_Chris Weston_9782888931508_ROTOVISION

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Author: Chris Weston

Format: Paperback | 192 pages

Dimensions: 190 x 246 x 19mm | 731g

Publication date:  01 Sep 2010

Mastering Digital Exposure will take the "pro and aspiring pro" remit of the Mastering photography series into the little-understood realm of digital exposure. Of all the disciplines necessary for good photography, exposure remains the most challenging. Digital cameras have added to that challenge by introducing new considerations when dealing with exposure. These are sometimes complex (e.g. the linear nature of digital sensors, the occurrence of digital noise, mastering the digital histogram); often they are generic to photography but their application is different to that for film (e.g. white balance, ISO equivalency, dynamic range). A few will form the basis of the development of the next generation of digital cameras, in particular High Dynamic Range imaging. All of them need explaining and this book will be the first to do it, comprehensively, for the commercial digital user. Mastering Digital Exposure covers all aspects of controlling and managing exposure in-camera for commercially-viable results explored and discussed in language suitable for professionals and aspiring professionals.
The book will include case studies form real-world projects and assignments, both studio and field based.


 Mastering Digital Exposure and HDR Imaging_Chris Weston_9782888931508_ROTOVISION