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MBA Admissions Strategy

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Author  A.V. Gordon

Format Paperback I 200 pages

Dimensions 152 x 16 x 229 mm

Publication 16 Aug 2005

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'I would definitely buy this book if I were applying again.'
Rodney Bryant, Macquarie Bank, Australia, formerly of Morgan Stanley, New York

Learn all about MBA admissions techniques and skills from an expert!

MBA Admissions Strategy guides candidates through the four most important aspects ofa successful, competitive business school application:

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Profile Development
  • Essay Management and
  • Writing Technique

This lively and accessible new book takes you step-by-step through the process ofproducing a successful MBA application, with primary emphasis on the essays.

The book outlines a system for candidates to identify the competitive value of their pastand construct an application profile and compelling message from this. The book thendeals with the typical essay questions that applicants face and shows candidates how tofit their profile message to each question: how to know what to write, which essay towrite it in, and how to write it well. Along with specific templates and solutions forimproving expression, the book shows readers how to avoid common essay pitfalls.

An essential must-read for all those considering applying for a MBA.


 MBA Admissions Strategy