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McGraw- Hill's Atlas of World Events

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Format: Paperback | 208 pages

Dimensions: 209.55 x 266.7 x 12.7mm | 740g

Publication:  01 Apr 2005

McGraw-Hill's Atlas of World Events gives readers an in-depth picture of the world today by examining the key political, economic, demographic, and environmental changes that continue to shape every world region. This collection of maps and data tables goes beyond many other atlases giving readers a meaningful analysis and deeper understanding of our world today.In addition to four-color reference maps, this book includes thematic maps that are organized by the key areas that shape our world today: politics and conflict; economic development; environment; and human development. Some of the thematic maps included are:Military Expenditures as a percentage of GNPWorld External Migrations in Modern TimesAsia: Colonialism to IndependenceDependence on TradeIlliteracy RatesFlows of OilGlobal Hotspots of BiodiversityThese thematic maps include annotations by expert author John Allen, which further guide the reader in cultivating an in-depth picture of the world. Truly user-friendly for a trade audience, John Allen provides an introduction to the book that includes ample tips on how the reader can best use the maps and interpret the data to form his/her own informed opinion of world events.A "Flashpoints" section, which features maps and text, highlights the world's current hotspots such as Iraq, Chechnya, Israel, and Kashmir, and explores the forces behind the volatility in those regions. Four world country data tables feature in-depth information for the world's nations such as population density and growth; languages spoken; capital cities; forms of government; basic economic indicators; and demographic data.


 McGraw- Hill's Atlas of World Events