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Metal Ions in Biochemistry

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Author: P. K. Bhattacharya

Format: Hardback | 228 pages

Dimensions :185 x 240 x 19.05mm | 635.03g

Publication date :12 Oct 2005

Metal Ions in Biochemistry" presents a simplified account of the role of metal ions in the biochemical processes and the significance of inorganic elements in human diet and in therapeutics. The adverse effect of the intake of excess metal ions and the role of metal ions in environmental pollution has been explained. The book discusses how the basic concepts of coordination chemistry can explain the complex biochemical reactions. The potential metal binding sites of the biochemicals have been identified. An attempt has been made to understand the nature of the metal biochemical bond from the point of coordination chemistry. The structure of the metal coordination site has been confirmed with the help of various instrumental techniques. Thus the structure of metal complex site in the biochemicals has been revealed and its functional relationship with biochemical process has been discussed extensively. The fundamental background knowledge required by both chemists and biochemists has been provided in the first two chapters of the book, so that the reader can appreciate the significant role of the metal ions in the biochemical processes.



 Metal Ions in Biochemistry