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Mini Herbal Chinese Cooking (Periplus Mini Cookbook Series)

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Format: Kindle Edition

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Publication Date: January 12, 2014

One of the most basic premises of traditional Chinese medical therapy states, "When illness occurs, first try to cure it with food; only when food fails should one resort to herbal medicines.” Traditional Chinese medicine has been utilized for over 2500 years and is used regularly by millions of people around the world. Herbal Chinese Cooking contains everything you need to make over 30 easy, healthy, and authentic herbal Chinese recipes. Boost your vitality while enjoying a delicious meal. Each recipe has a description of benefits and the ailments treated. Recipes include:
  • Black chicken tonic with red dates
  • White turnip herbal soup
  • Chicken stewed with Job’s tears
  • Curried cinnamon rice
  • Four herb tonic soup
  • Tian Qi chicken soup
  • Miso fish soup with daikon
  • Braised sesame beef with fennel
  • And many more!
Also included in this book are unit conversion tables, dual unit measurements, a photo overview of the most essential herbal ingredients, and over 30 large clear photos. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!


 Mini Herbal Chinese Cooking (Periplus Mini Cookbook Series)