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Minoan and Mycenaean Art

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Author: Reynold A. Higgins 

Format: Paperback | 216 pages

Dimensions: 149 x 210 x 17.78mm | 458.13g

Publication date: 17 Nov 1997

he magnificent works of art of ancient Crete, Mycenae and the Cycladic Islands are awe-inspiring in their richness, variety and vitality. Frescoes, jewelry, sculpture, gold funeral masks, ivories and countless other beautiful artifacts - all the significant works of art and architecture are described and illustrated in Dr Higgins's distinguished and classic survey. It includes coverage of the breathtaking frescoes from Akrotiri on the island of Thera, the unique ivory figurine from Palaikastro, objects from the palace of Mallia and the intriguing presence of Minoan-style frescoes in Egypt.


 Minoan and Mycenaean Art