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Minshuku: Japanese Style Guesthouses

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AuthorZhao Xiang

Format: Hardback | 256 pages

Dimensions: 19.60 x 2.33 x 25.93 cm, 0.907kg

ISBN-13: 9781864708097

• Japanese-style guesthouses still exert a strong design influence worldwide

• Contains many popular, award-winning case studies

• Each project comes with sketches, floor plans, and an analysis

Japan is a country with a highly developed tourism industry. At present, more and more tourists choose to go to Japan when they travel, to learn about Japanese culture. The book selects almost 40 distinct guesthouses in Japan. Some of them are popular guesthouses found on social media platforms, while others are architectural award-winning projects. All of these projects show new trends in Japanese designs for accommodation.

 Minshuku: Japanese Style Guesthouses